February 27th, 2019

I pass 2 nights at the rescue and it was amazing i wich i could stay a few more days it was a great opportunity to be close to many animals and taking care of them is what i had prefer. The food was cook by a gentle men super friendly and it was delicious at every meal! Now i want to make my own bread to! I dont think of something to improve it was perfect! I think you should have a few items to sell with your logo not only for publicity but yo help you to raise money for the shelter (i bought a nice green bag) the fact that the transport was included make the decision easy to chose your shelter as well as your flexibility to accept people only for 2 days. I hope i will come back with my friend Veronique she loved the place also! Thank you for that nice adventure... before i left i been took in picture by ..not sure how to write her name.. Shiabone C . With my friend and the Sloth i would realy like to have the picture she said she would send it to us it was january 27th Emilie from Montreal Qc Canada

- Emilie

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