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Sponsor an animal for $25/month and ensure that he/she receives a nutritious diet, necessary medical care and all the love and attention needed to live a secure and happy life. Make a difference for $25/month.
Adopt Buddha

Buddha, a two-toed female sloth, was our very first rescued animal. Way back in 2009, Bernal and Marielos rescued Buddha from life as a tourist attraction. Kept in a tiny bird cage by the side of the road in the Caribbean, Buddha did not have the best start in life. She arrived bloated and malnourished, due to the incorrect all fruit diet she had been  given by her captors. 

With the constant love and care of Marielos, Buddha eventually recovered and thrived. However, due to her upbringing around humans she will unfortunately never be a candidate for release. She lacks a fear of people, and so it is unsafe to release her. Buddha now enjoys a chilled out life in one of our sloth gardens at the Center, with her baby Nugget who was born in July 2018.

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