Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organization that gives animals a second chance at life. Our dedicated staff and selfless volunteers work tirelessly to help these animals heal, keep them safe, rehabilitate them, and eventually re-release them into their natural habitat in the Costa Rican rainforest.


Besides morning and afternoon tasks volunteers are encouraged to work on personalized passion projects.  The center is open to all ideas and with the guidance of the staff members and respecting the objectives of the Center, we can make them come to life.   From construction projects, art projects, fundraising, social media, conservation, education and enrichment.  Here are some of our awesome volunteers ideas coming to life.


Enrichment for our Rescued Animals


Environmental enrichment seeks to improve the physical and psychological well-being of animals in captivity by identifying and presenting stimuli, eliminating abnormal behaviours derived from the stress implied by life in captivity and constant exposure related to contact with humans.

What do we do at the enrichment team?

  • Improve and change enclosure environments 
  •  Build elements for environmental enrichment
  •  Food enrichment 
  •  Sensory enrichment
  •  Physical enrichment 
  •  Animal behavior observations




If you want to join the enrichment team please contact us (form below)

*We need a long term Enrichment team Leader!! If you want to spend 2 amazing months working to improve the life quality of our rescues, come and join us!  (mention length of stay in email)

Compost and Gardening

The center is not only the home of rescued animals but is also a place that respects nature and its natural cycles. This is why we have started a compost and vegetable garden program that allows us to recycle the organic material produced by animal waste and food leftovers to transform it into natural fertilizer for our small garden where we harvest vegetables to feed the animals.

*We need a long term compost and gardening team leader!! If you love animals and gardening this will be a beautiful experience for you. 

If you want to join the enrichment team please contact us (form below)

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