Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organization that gives animals a second chance at life. Our dedicated staff and selfless volunteers work tirelessly to help these animals heal, keep them safe, rehabilitate them, and eventually re-release them into their natural habitat in the Costa Rican rainforest.


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  • Species: Spider Monkey
  • Sex: female
  • D.O.B 1985
  • Arrival: December 2016

Ninoska was chained up in a tiny cage as a pet and tourist attraction.

She was very nervous when she arrived, especially around other animals. The other spider monkeys rejected her because of her age and would not allow her to eat. She was therefore moved to a separate enclosure.

Ninoska is known for her gentle nature and bright blue eyes.

Unfortunately Ninoska is nonreleasable for two reasons. Firstly because of her unnatural behavior as a result of being hand raised. Secondly because of the possibility of introducing new diseases to the wild population.



  • Species: Two Toed Sloth
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B: January 2010
  • Arrival: January 2010

Cocolito was brought in as a very small baby. He was found trying to cross the road and it is unknown what happened to his mother. Without a mother Cocolito needed to be hand-raised by our vet staff. This means that he would not be able to survive on his own, and is non-releasable.


  • Species: Two Toed Sloth
  • Sex: Female
  • D.O.B: unknown
  • arrival: February 2009 (she was the centers very first rescue)

Buddha was found by police and brought to the center. She had been living in a cage and was a pet and tourist attraction for children. When she arrived she had a bloated stomach due to an incorrect diet of only fruit.

In 2013 she gave birth to a baby sloth named Chewbacca. Chewbacca was later successfully released in Limon, on the Caribbean Coast.


  • Species: Spider Monkey
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B 2010
  • Arrival date: February 2011

Gandhi was confiscated by police from a bar when he was just a juvenile. The bar used him as entertainment for guests and he was kept tied up with a 1 meter long chain.


  • Species: Spider Monkey
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B unknown
  • Arrival date: November 2011

Lolo was kept as a pet when he was just a juvenile. The police confiscated Lolo from a woman who was physically abusive to him on a daily basis.

Even until today Lolo is aggressive to humans, particularly to females.

Lolo is non releasable, due to his severe mistreatment as a juvenile. Lolo is not able to be released as he causes a threat to humans and there is the possibility he can introduce new diseases to wild populations.



  • Species: Spider Monkey
  • Sex: Female
  • D.O.B unknown
  • Arrival date: July 2010

Lulu was confiscated by the coastguard from drug dealers and brought to the center.

She had an extremely bloated stomach due to an incorrect diet. It took 2 years to wean her back to a natural diet.

When Lulu arrived she was psychologically stressed from being raised with a rope around her neck. It took two years to be able to completely remove the rope collar from her neck and even once removed she would still place it back around her neck like a scarf (as a type of safety blanket).


  • Species: Two Toed Sloth
  • Sex Female
  • D.O.B (roughly): July 2014
  • Arrival date: July 2014

Sarita was found near Limon. She arrived to the center as a baby. She had cataracts in both eyes, which has left her with permanent vision problems. She was missing one ear and only weighed 340 grams. She was also extremely dehydrated and had noticeable skin problems. Once at the center she was nursed back to health.

Because of her eye and ear problems she would not survive on her on, therefore she is non-releasable.


  • Species: Three Toed Sloth
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B (roughly): October 2017
  • Arrival date: January 2018

It was a rainy and windy day in Limon and Mikey probably fell off his mother. He was with two other baby sloths, so it is assumed the same thing happened to them. He is the only survivor, so the vet staff are taking extra care of him. He is still too young to be on his own so he has his own enclosure in the vet hospital. He is taken on daily walks where the vets are teaching him to climb on trees.


  • Species: Howler Monkey
  • Sex: Female
  • D.O.B: May 2017
  • Arrival: July 2017

Lucy was brought in after her mother was electrocuted and died.  Luckily Lucy was not injured and is thriving in the rescue center. 


  • Species: Howler Monkey
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B: November 2013
  • Arrival: November 2013

Arrived as an infant and only weighed 400 grams. He was found next to his mother who had been killed by a dog. Feluco suffered injuries to his back and lower leg in the attack. He also has a nasal blockage between his nose and throat and has trouble breathing, eating and drinking. Feluco was hand-raised and is now very attached to humans.


Stevie Wonder

  • Species: Two Toed Sloth 
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B: Unknown
  • Arrival date: 2011

Arrived as an adult with an eye infection which unfortunately did not heal, and he had to have it removed. He is an alpha-male who lives in Sloth Garden 1.  He likes to hang out in the highest branches of the tree and is very hard to spot.


  • Species: Two Toed Sloth
  • Sex: Male
  • D.O.B: Unknown
  • Arrival date: April 2016

Violeto was brought to the center after being electrocuted, which caused severe injuries to his right arm and it had to be amputated.  As Violeto only has one arm he can not climb on the large trees in the sloth gardens. He is very content living with his friend Cocolito in Sloth Enclosure  1.


  • Species: Spider Monkey
  • Sex: Female
  • D.O.B unknown
  • Arrival date: October 2013

The center was called to pick Amanda up from previous owners who had tied her to a tree with a very short rope. She was kept there in the same spot for 14 years.  When she first arrived she held on to a set of keys as a security blanket to help cope with the trauma of her previous owner.