Guest Description

Date of arrival: December 1st, 2016

Ninoska, a spider monkey, was found chained up in a tiny cage and used as a pet and tourist attraction.

She was rescued and brought to us but was extremely nervous around the staff as well as the other spider monkeys. They rejected her in the beginning because of her age and would not allow her to eat. As a result we built a seperate enclosure for her to live and be comfortable during the adjustment period.

Today, she is very happy but remains an unreleaseable member of our family. She is known for her gentle nature and bright blue eyes which are two very rare characteristics of spider monkeys.


Date of arrival: July 1st, 2010

Lulu, a spider monkey, was rescued by the Costa Rican coastguard from drug dealers and brought to us at the project.

She had an extremely bloated stomach due to a horrible diet as well as psychological issues from being raised with a chain around her neck.

It took us almost two years to acclimate her back into the spider monkey population at the project. Often, during the process she woud take a rope and place it around her neck as a result of her previous treatment. 

We are happy to say that Lulu is now a happy important member of our family and the pain and suffering she endured early in life have now been replaced with love and safety.