Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Costa Rican wildlife.

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organization that gives animals a second chance at life. Our dedicated staff and selfless volunteers work tirelessly to help these animals heal, keep them safe, rehabilitate them, and eventually re-release them into their natural habitat in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Fundraising to Volunteer at the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center!

With the upcoming Fundraising page on the website (keep a look out!) it was perfect timing to have Chase Butler, who came to us two weeks ago from the UK for a month, write a post about what she did and how it was to Fundraise for the center!

Chase writes:

''My fundraising began just over one month prior to my arrival here at the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center! This didn't give me much time to prepare but after reading the story of the rescue centre on the website, I knew that I wanted to offer my time as a volunteer here as soon as possible and that it would make the perfect start to my gap year before studying Animal Biology at uni.

My goal was to raise a total of £1,500 to pay for flights and cover my four week stay here.

The first thing I did was set up a fundraising page on and this became my main fundraising source. After sharing the page to my social media accounts I was overwhelmed by the extremely positive response I received! People were able to read more about the history of the rescue centre, the work that they do here, and why I wanted to help. The post was shared numerous times and I received a number of very generous donations from friends and family over the following weeks.

Additional fundraising activities included selling homemade protein bars at my local gym from which I raised a total of £102, and a food hamper raffle organised by my work colleagues in the pub I work at; this raised an amazing £223.87. I also held an online auction where people bid on a genuine signed Star Wars photo kindly donated by my auntie. The photo went to the highest bidder, who bid a very generous £200!

By the end of the four weeks when my fundraising page had expired, I had managed to exceed my target, reaching a total of £1,650!

With the extra money raised I was able to go to 'Pets at Home' and buy some enrichment toys and veterinary equipment for the animals here.

I have now been at the centre for a week and a half and have already been involved in so much! In this time I have fed fruit popsicles to the capuchin monkeys, helped to move and rebuild two enclosures, gave a bath to Spike the hedgehog, watched the progression of Violetto the sloth as he learns to climb with one arm, fed the baby opossums their milk, cleaned the howler monkey enclosure, witnessed a new arrival to the centre (Mary the three toed sloth), made an enrichment toy for the capuchins, allocated branches to the different enclosures, prepared food for the animals, spoke with the parrots, helped to 'babysit' Feluco the howler monkey, and so much more...!

It has been amazing to experience the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of these animals by the centre first hand and I can't wait to see what the next two weeks have in store!'' 

We are so impressed and grateful for Chase and all she has done, and of course her kind doners!

We love you all!