Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Costa Rican wildlife.

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organization that gives animals a second chance at life. Our dedicated staff and selfless volunteers work tirelessly to help these animals heal, keep them safe, rehabilitate them, and eventually re-release them into their natural habitat in the Costa Rican rainforest.

New Blog Concept- Volunteer travel writers!

So being the tiny center we are with few staff and many many lovely volunteers, we had the idea to let the volunteers help us write the blog posts- and the volunteers seemed more than happy to help! 
So we have collected 2 blog posts from the last two weeks from Sam and Tammy (both from the UK) who took the time to write out some words for us!
Tentative start, and look out for more- we hope you like the idea and see it grow!


SAM from the UK 

Sam writes: ''My second week at the centre has been great especially getting to see the teen sloths in their new sloth garden enclosure which allows the sloths to roam throughout several trees that have been set up with feeding platforms. Allowing then to feed naturally high up in the tree canopy.
One Tuesday evening five of us decided to take a walk down to the stream that is accessible towards the bottom of the animal rescue centre. I found my self surrounded by butterflies, bats and even a river otter that jumped into the fast flowing stream. It was an amazing chance to see some of the local wildlife that lives on the land of the rescuecentre. The new spider monkey enclosure is coming along quickly and it will be brilliant to see them in there newly built enclosure before the end of the year.
Anyone lucky enough to visit the rescue centre will be lucky enough to make new human friends and animal friends.''

Sam was a fantastic volunteer here at the center, taking lots if initiative and even took it upon himself and Danny to dig and plant a whole garden! Sam and Danny grasped the animal welfare concepts of the center quickly and were more than helpful regarding the animals rehabilitation processes. Good luck with your Masters degree in the future Sam!



Photo credit: Patrik SKöld

Photo credit: Patrik SKöld

Tammy writes:

''Excitement exploded within camp this week as the air filled with calls of “sloth baby, sloth baby!”. Whilst our youngest sloth may have been a surprise to most, it was certainly a most welcome one, bringing us up to a grand total of twenty six sloths. Mumma sloth is doing a sterling job carrying our tiny new arrival around on her stomach at all times, which is imperative to the little fella’s survival. A vote is currently underway between all the volunteers to choose a name for her newborn.

In other news, a bedraggled young toucan made its way to our front door after children showered it with stones. He has gone home with our founders for the meanwhile to ensure all his needs (not least the feedings every two hours) are met.

A mother hen decided, quite rightly, that our center would be a fabulous place to build her nest, gracing us with six fluff-ball chicks.

Last but by no means least, we have had a successful week within the domestic animals. The three kittens have all been adopted out to happy homes. Additionally, our much loved pooch Nova has finally found her forever home. She now resides right next door to the pizzeria, the volunteers favourite haunt! Although there were many teary eyes on her departure, we are all so glad that she will be going to a permanent home.

Keep tuned to find out what our baby sloth will be named. Will it be; Burbuja (Spanish for ‘bubbles’), Marshmallow, Freckles, Cupcake, Frodo or Pépé?  ''

Update: We named the baby ''Pepe''! 
Tammy took to the center like she had always been here and was even helping give tours and teaching new volunteers within 2 days of arrival! Thanks for helping us Tammy and good luck with your travels!