Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

Dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Costa Rican wildlife.

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center is a non-profit organization that gives animals a second chance at life. Our dedicated staff and selfless volunteers work tirelessly to help these animals heal, keep them safe, rehabilitate them, and eventually re-release them into their natural habitat in the Costa Rican rainforest.

The following videos were made and shared by our amazing volunteers! By watching these, you will get a very authentical idea about our Rescue Center, our work and more over: our rescues! We are very thankful that our volunteers took the time and the effort to create those videos!


A typical morning`s work as a Volunteer at our new Rescue Center in Cebadilla


Meet Our Rescues


The INSIDER about cuddling sloths as a Volunteer at our Rescue Center in Turrucares, Alajuela


LIU Global visited our Rescue Center


Spanish Video from Cosmovisiones about the history of our Rescue Center


Daily Sloth exercise of our rescued two toed Slothbaby


Volunteer Coordinator Sarita telling the story of the abusement from our rescued Spider Monkeys


New Cage for the Marmoset Monkey


Introduction Video about our Rescue Center in Turrucares and stories of our rescued ones


Volunteer Joakim is sharing his impressions of the Rescue Center in Turrucares


Feeding Time - Slothmother and baby eating upside down


Our rescued Capuchins Simona and Wim cleaning their cages


Impressions of the Rescue Center in Turrucares 


Volunteer Video about the Arrival and Volunteerwork at our Rescue Center in Turrucares


Video about the daily life in the Rescue Center


Feeding Mustafa our rescued Baby Porcupine

Thanks to Aurelie and Anthony for this wonderful introduction video!! Greetings from the Center!!!


Volunteer Video about our Rescue Center in Turrucares

Thanks to volunteer Agata Pietrzak! She said: "The Costa Rica Animal Center. A place where animals are provided a safe environment to grow, heal and flourish. The success of the center is based solely on the efforts and donations of its volunteers. No matter how small or large- every donation makes a difference and allows the centre to continue its incredible work with these animals.

Video from our sloth-loving Volunteer Morgana at our Rescue Center in Turrucares


Another great video of the Rescue Center with all types of animals we have!!!

Thank you Allison for this beautiful video!!!! We appreciate it a lot!! Greetings from the Team!


Go Eco Volunteer Abroad summarized the footage from the travel blogger "Flying the Nest"


Travel blogger Flying the Nest made a few great videos about the Rescue Center in Turrucares

We recently had two travel bloggers volunteer with us - check out their great videos they did showing a few days in the life here at the Rescue Center! Clicke here to follow 'FlyingTheNest' on YouTube and click here to get to their blog to read more about their great adventures.

Dr. Jimenéz filmed the birth of our rescued Sloth


Frontier Gap Year TV shared a video about our Rescue Center in Limón 2015


Slothmother Buddah and her Baby

This is Buddha with her baby. Buddha was the first animal in the Center. She can not be released unfortunately, because she can not survive alone in the nature. She is very tamed and alyways looking for some human care. 

Yawning Itchy, our rescued Olingo


Volunteer impressions of our Rescue Center in Limón - also called Paradero


One of our very favorite volunteer video about our Rescue Center in Limón

Volunteer Janine said: "This animal sanctuary does important work and more people should know about this incredible place. Here's just a little preview of the experience that is Paradero. And yes, sloth cuddles are as good as you would imagine.


Baby sloths exercise at our Rescue Center in Limón


Babysloth noises 


Slothbaby Tito

MEET TITO! He is still very young. Volunteers used to babysit him.